The need for surveyors is intended to grow 11% by the year 2026. As that date will arrive faster than we expect, we foresee the need for more and more students and young professionals to delve into the surveying field. This projection is a faster growth projection than any of your average occupations. It is likely that the surveying industry growing into other areas to help with data mapping in the future, but until then, surveyors are and will continue to be needed to certify boundary lines, provide and review sites and assist with pretty much everything that is constructed. In essence, surveyors are the marines of the construction world; We are the first ones on a site and the last to leave when a project is finished.

With the growing need for surveyors, and lack of common information about what surveyors do and how to get into surveying, we want to help educate anyone who may have an interested in pursuing a rewarding career in land surveying. Requirements to become a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) differ for each state. If your state requires a bachelor’s degree in Land Surveying, Geomatics, or a related field, you will find a list below of colleges along the East Coast of the United States that offer an applicable degree.


  1. What is required to be a PLS?
    It depends on your state. Some states do not require a bachelor’s degree, such as North Carolina. But this is ever changing. Regardless of education requirements, you need to have built up a resume of experience in the field. Atlas Surveying offers the opportunity to study under an experienced PLS and staff to build a solid foundation for your career.
  2. What colleges provide a surveying degree?
    Below you will see a chart of all the colleges in which you can study land surveying. The colleges listed below are all current colleges along the East Coast that offer a type of Surveying or Geomatics degree (AA or BS). Certificate Courses are not degrees.
  3. Do you have to study surveying to be a surveyor/ PLS?
    No. Other fields that are similar and will help in the surveying industry are: Civil Engineering, Math, Environment Engineering and Forestry. If you hold a degree in another field not related to these, you can contact a college to see if you could take a few courses to get a degree in one of the above fields. You still need experience in the surveying field even if you do hold a degree in another subject outside of surveying.
  4. If I have a degree in something else can I still go until surveying?
    Absolutely. Like we mentioned before, some states do not require a degree. If you want to get into the surveying field, find a company near you and start getting experience. If you are looking at the Savannah/Hilton Head, Charleston, Charlotte, or Greenville/Spartanburg markets, give us a call or visit the Careers page on our website.





Troy University


Delaware Tech CC

 Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology


University of Florida



Florida Atlantic University 

Geomatics Engineering


Kennesaw State University

Geospatial Technology Land Surveying


East Kentucky University


Murray State University


Big Sandy Community & Tech College


West Kentucky University


Nicholls State University 



South Louisiana Community College

Civil, Survey and Mapping



Geography & Land Surveying


Ferris State University


University of Maine

Surveying Engineering Technology


Saint Cloud State University

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire

New York 

Alfred State College 

New York 

Mohawk Valley Community College

Surveying Technology

New York 

Paul Smith’s College

Surveying Technology

New York 

 SUNY College of Environmental Science& Forestry 

Land Surveying Technology

North Carolina

North Carolina A & T University 


North Carolina

Fayetteville Technical Community College

Geomatics Technology (Surveying)

North Carolina

Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College

Geomatics Technology

North Carolina

Western Piedmont CC

Geomatics Technology 


Ohio State University

Land Surveying & Mapping Minor


University of Akron

Land Surveying

Surveying & Mapping


Pennsylvania State University

Surveying & Technology

Surveying Engineering Technology

South Carolina

Low Country Tech College 


East Tennessee State University

Surveying and Mapping

West Virginia

Glenville State College

Land Surveying/Geographic Information Systems


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