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At Atlas Surveying, Inc., our office staff is highly qualified and experienced in the preparation of easements for a variety of purposes, from utility easements to rights of access and egress. In addition, our staff has years of experience preparing highway and right-of-way plans for various state Departments of Transportation, counties and municipalities. Whether for a state or federal acquisition of property, subdivision of a tract of land, or when a private land owner conveys an easement or rights to another individual, engineers are frequently required to prepare plans or plats reflecting the intent of the conveyance. Atlas Surveying, Inc.’s survey crews and office technicians are well- versed in the preparation of numerous survey documents, including right-of-way plats, easement plats, record plats and legal descriptions whether for a fee simple transfer, or a perpetual, revertible or temporary easement. Our staff is experienced in multiple jurisdictions and can prepare the Easement and Right of Way Plat documents in accordance with the applicable specifications.

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