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Atlas Hangs Out at the Marine Corps Air Station

Atlas Surveying has been chosen to assist Carothers Construction Inc. and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in the development and construction of the new P-465 Aircraft Maintenance Hanger at the Marine Corps Air Station - Beaufort. This project includes a 50,000 Sq.Ft. hangar and an aircraft access apron. The estimated cost of the project is between $30,000,000 and $42,000,000. This project is just one element of the overall support for the new F-35 operational squadron. Atlas Surveying is humbled to have also been involved in a number of projects that are part of the base redevelopment including the new Flight Simulator Facility, the new Vertical Landing Pads, the Simulated Aircraft Carrier Deck, and the P-454 Aircraft Hangar. With a number if ex-military on staff Atlas Surveying is very proud to work along side Carothers Construction Inc. and their other subcontractors to ensure our military remains the best in the world...OOH-RAH!!!

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