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Atlas Surveying’s Greenville office has been subcontracted to help Refresco Beverages expand

Refresco Beverages is one of the world’s largest independent beverage retailers in Europe and North America. Greer, South Carolina, is home to Refresco’s headquarters where they develop new drink flavors as well as package, store and distribute beverages.

Refresco is currently in the process of expanding to meet the growing demand for beverage manufacturing. The Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved a $100,000 grant to Greenville County to assist with the cost of the project. The expansion will include added capacity for additional packaging, processing and quality testing. The improvements will create roughly 40 new jobs in the Greer area.

Atlas Surveying’s Greenville office has been subcontracted to WK Dickson to perform a topographic survey as well as utility location and mapping for the expansion.

The City of Greer Mayor Rick Danner acknowledged Refresco as “an excellent corporate citizen and valued member of the Greer community and widely known for delivering quality and cost advantages to beverage customers around the world. We congratulate them on their continuing success and expansion and are proud to have Refresco call the city of Greer home.” Atlas Surveying is also proud to be conducive to the development of such a respected business in our community.

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