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Sawmill Development

Sawmill Development in Summerville, SC

The new Sawmill mixed-use development in Summerville, South Carolina, plans to offer a mix of housing, shopping, and healthcare. R. Milton Thomas, principal at Lee & Associates Charleston, the project’s developer, said “we want this property to provide a connected, community-oriented environment where people can live, convene, and enjoy.”

Roper St. Francis Healthcare plans to construct a two-story medical office building, offering a variety of outpatient services, as the anchor of the community. Construction is scheduled to begin on the 40,000 square-foot medical office, located on Main Street in the Carnes Crossroads community, within the next 12 months. Dr. Jeffrey DiLisi, President and CEO of Roper St. Francis Healthcare, said they are “determined to provide residents in and around Summerville with a wide variety of services to keep them healthy and thriving while being convenient to their homes and workplaces.”

Sawmill will also offer 474 multi-family residential units, ample green space, offices, retail shops, self-storage, breweries, restaurants, banks, service amenities, and transit solutions.

Atlas Surveying’s Charleston office was subcontracted to provide surveying services for three phases of the development’s construction.

In phase one, under contract to Carolina Multifamily Construction, Inc., Atlas verified control, set GPS machine control, and staked silt fence, conduit, finished grade, sidewalks, ramps, and pool area. Utility as-builts for storm, sewer, and water were provided as well as hub and tack for eight buildings. A topographic survey, final as-built survey, and ALTA survey were performed. Atlas’s SUE Department provided private utility investigation.

In the second phase, under contract to Morrow Construction Company, Inc., Atlas established control, set temporary benchmarks throughout the site, and set GPS machine control. Silt fence, storm, water, sewer, pond, finish-grade curbing, headwalls with offsets, sidewalks with grades, and pool deck with grades will be staked. As-builts for storm, water, sewer, and pond will be provided.

In phase three, for the medical office building, under contract again to Carolina Multifamily Construction, Inc., Atlas will set control, set temporary benchmarks throughout the site, and set GPS control. Limits of disturbance, storm, water, sewer, ponds, finish-grade curbing, headwalls with offsets, and sidewalks with grades will be staked. As-built drawings for storm, water, sewer, and ponds will be supplied.

Summerville Mayor, Ricky Waring, said “a development project like this allows for Summerville to continue to be a community-oriented environment where people live, work, and play. Sawmill responds to the growing demand for walkable, vibrant communities with proximity to jobs and access to nearby public services and destinations. I’m proud of the work that’s been done to preserve what we can while adding to our town.” Lisa Wallace, Town Administrator for Summerville said, “the hard work achieved by developers, Town Council, and town staff provides a new opportunity to add to the high quality of life Summerville has to offer.”

Sawmill is scheduled for completion in 2025.

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