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Telra Institute Charter School Moves to New Facility In Charlotte, NC

In 2021, Telra Institute, an elementary charter school in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced plans for a new location on McKee Road. The new building will house elementary grades with the potential to grow into a kindergarten through eighth-grade school in the future.

The site plan, developed by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, features green space, playgrounds, parking for visitors, staff, and school buses, tree protection, and visual buffers in respect of neighboring homes. Proposed roadway improvements would improve traffic flow along Mckee Road.

Atlas Surveying’s Charlotte office was subcontracted to perform surveying services for two phases of the school’s construction.

Under contract to BC Construction Group, the project’s general contractor, Atlas verified control and set temporary benchmarks throughout the site, set GPS control, and staked silt fence, limits of disturbance, underground detention, curb, grease traps, sidewalks around the building, and centerline of column for the canopy. Hub and tack was provided for the building and gymnasium grids. A topographic verification survey was conducted for the school site as well as off-site storm and drainage field. As-builts of the underground detention system as well as a draft of the right-of-way exhibit were delivered.

Under contract to Barton Contracting Group, Atlas set control and temporary benchmarks throughout the site and staked silt fence, limits of disturbance, centerline of stations, slope, storm, and bore holes for water and sewer crossing on McKee Road. As-builts for storm were also completed.

The new Telra Institute is scheduled for completion for summer 2022.

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