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The Exchange

The Exchange Mixed-Use Development Comes to Charlotte Suburb

In November 2021, it was announced that a new development, The Exchange, would be coming to Charlotte suburb, Indian Land, off Providence Road and Ardery Kell Road. Plans feature a Lowe’s Foods as the anchor of the development. Retail spaces in four different sections alongside the highway will offer shopping and restaurants. More than 700 apartments will provide convenient housing options. The Planning Director for Lancaster County, Rox Burhans, expressed enthusiasm for mixed-use developments, saying “residential and commercial usage mixed together creates synergy and excitement.” Some road upgrades are also included in the development’s plans, such as stoplights at the intersection of Possum Hollow Road and Charlotte Highway. New turning lanes are proposed to provide easier access to The Exchange.

Atlas Surveying’s Charlotte office has been subcontracted by Siteworks, LLC to provide surveying services for two phases of the project.

In phase one, Atlas will verify control and set temporary benchmarks throughout the site. Limits of disturbance, silt fence, basin clearing, rough-grade temporary basins, GPS control, retaining walls, storm, sewer, water, finished-grade curb, and finished-grade basins will be staked. As-builts for storm, basins, sewer, and water will be performed.

In the second phase, Atlas will verify control, set temporary benchmarks, and stake limits of disturbance, silt fence, basin clearing, GPS control, rough-grade temporary basins, retaining walls, storm, sewer, water, pads, amenity area, curb, and sidewalks. As-builts for storm, sewer, and water will be provided.

Ground broke on The Exchange in November 2022. The first apartment units are expected to be completed in early 2024.

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